What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is all about helping your body to function well and achieve health and wellbeing! 

Our bodies have the incredible ability to self-regulate and self-heal and they do this well when our central nervous system – our brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves – is working optimally. 

Sometimes our body can be out of balance, due to stress, toxins, or physical trauma – these stressors cause interference in our nervous system and can make it hard for our body to function well. 

Our body can communicate with us on many levels to let us know that we are not functioning optimally.  Let’s face it we will always have different stressors coming and going in our lives as it is part of life!  However, it is about how well do we adapt to these stressors so they don’t overwhelm our system and how do we perceive our environment around us?

Chiropractic focusses on helping your brain and body communicate clearly in order to allow us to adapt better to the different stressors or perception of stress we encounter.  Our neurology drives the messages through our nervous system but we need to ensure they are working efficiently for us to experience health and wellbeing.

Justine Lamb Chiropractor

Justine Lamb

Justine loves learning and is always striving to keep ahead of new information that may benefit her patients.  Constantly going to seminars, workshops, reading books and research keeps her busy as well as keeping up with her young daughter!

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